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• Child Custody
Your child depends on you for safety, stability, care and affection. If your family is in transition, your child’s “home” might include two or more residences with a variety of parents, adults and children in each environment. Our experienced, expert counsel can help you cope with the complicated legal and social issues involving custody of your children.

• Juvenile Justice
The juvenile justice system will never know or love your child the way you do. Our attorneys advocate forcefully for your right to parent your child with minimal interference from the state. We help your child to receive appropriate services to become a responsible adult.

• Special Education
The law requires your child’s educational placement to address the unique needs of your child. You are an equal member of your child’s IEP team. Opportunities missed for a free, appropriate public education might not be available later. We will advocate for your child’s needs to remain the first priority for the school’s staff, through representation at IEP meetings, due process hearings, and beyond.

• Abuse & Neglect
You and your child deserve the full protection of the law for victims and accused persons. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing children, parents and interested parties. We can prosecute or defend proceedings under the Kansas Code for the Care of Children, Protection from Abuse Act, Protection from Stalking Act, supervised parenting time and exchange, and restraining orders in divorce, custody and paternity cases.

• Grandparents’ Rights
Children benefit from the love and protection of grandparents and extended family. Your grandchildren deserve and need a meaningful relationship with you. We have successfully litigated grandparent custody, court ordered grandparent visits, private child in need of care proceedings, guardianship, and adoption.

• Adoption & Guardianship
Adoption and guardianship can be a frustrating process. You will need help and guidance through the maze of legal issues. We will support you until your child is safe an secure in your home. Proceedings include agency, independent and international adoptions, and the creation and termination of guardianships.

• Child Support
Is your child receiving all of the support that the law allows? Are you paying more than the law requires? Child support requires a sophisticated understanding of the guidelines, exceptions, and means to discover and collect assets and income. For residential parents, we collect the support your child needs and deserves. We ensure that obligors receive the full protection of the law.

• Paternity
Parents share a mutual responsibility to arrange for the care and support of their children. We have successfully litigated cases under the Kansas Parentage Act on behalf of mothers, fathers, alleged fathers and presumptive fathers. We advocate for your child’s paternity, custody, child support, parenting time and safety.

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