Child Support and Provision

Child support is developed in order to create a certain regulation that would provide children with the finance to supply their needs. It is notable that the needs of a kid are not always limited by the expenditures for clothing, food, living, and education. It should also include the expenses for transportation, entertainment, and many other issues which are related to the everyday routine and well-being of each kid.

How Child Support is Defined

Child support is provided by both biological parents in case of any separation such as a legal one or a divorce. It could be regulated by the court or as an agreement between the parties. It is also important to understand that every payment should be made through the official representative service that will register the payment. In case it would be made not through the official center, the payment would be considered as a gift and it might be difficult to prove it was actually conducted.

The amount of the child aid is always individual and it is calculated for each certain case. There are the guidelines providing and explaining the rules for calculating the child support in case the court requires it. It is notable that the scheme is the same for everyone but it considers the individual circumstances of the payer. Overall, the child aid sum is a certain percentage of the gross income of both parents, and including all the sources of income.

By calculating the amount of the child support, the law considers also different circumstances such as unemployment of a parent or self-employment. It is evident that it is usually difficult to determine the income of the self-employed person. However, the law covers such cases and there is a special formula which counts the amount of money for child aid.

Considering the fact that the child support is extremely important, the law includes numerous special circumstances. Among them are:

  • parent working on commission
  • parents living in different states
  • the parent paying child support for another family

In spite of the many possible difficulties, it is important for the kid to receive support and in this way, this is regulated by the law.

Child support includes numerous issues such as health insurance costs and the cost of the daycare. In most cases, the kid will receive support till the age of 18. However, there also some special issues regulated by the law. Overall, it is necessary to consider the condition and the circumstances of each parent. The kid , though, is not responsible for the parents’ decision to have children despite their probably unfavourable life conditions, and therefore is eligible for support until he or she is able to sustain themselves.

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