Children’s rights protection

Children are the most sensitive group. They still are not that old to take important decisions and therefore for them it is harder to protect themselves. Moreover, in many countries in the world children’s work is perceived as a cheap labor. That is very pity.

Though, international law has the widest juridical base to protect rights of children in cases of various abuses. But the international laws are only the highest level. Therefore in case of children abuse, the national and local legislation has to enforce children’s rights protection.

National and local  initiatives

The children can be hurt in many ways:

  • that can be a parents abuse. It happens quite often in society;
  • abuse or bad treatment on behalf of third parties. That is the case in many societies. Others feel children weakness and use it for own purpose;
  • use of children’s labor. That happens often, especially in low developed countries. Often corporations that have the production in low-income countries employ children to get a better income. That is usually a reason to file a criminal investigation.

In these and many other cases it is important that legislation protects children. On hierarchy international law is quite far, so a national law is very important. But whatever is the will of officials they should comply with international norms.

It is good when national government enforces fine legislative initiatives for the best of children. Even more efficient is when kids’ protection becomes a core aim for regional (local) governments.

Ways to make the local initiatives stronger

It is possible. For that municipal power has to:

  1. To have a certain level of legislative power. It always is so, when the country is decentralized. Whatever is the legislative division it is always possible to lobby good initiatives in national legislative sessions.
  2. Have enough budget to implement its fine initiatives. That is important. Kids’ protection is the sphere that has to have funds in order to be operated. There are ways to get financing today. It is, for example, possible to do crowdfunding. It is the most efficient way to get the budget for the good cause.

Here are types of initiatives that can be done locally for kids’ protection:

  • It is to offer to citizens services of an advocate for free. That can be a good initiative. It will make children or their parents to get a juridical help wherever needed.
  • Develop informational campaigns about kids’ protection. Kids are very smart. If they see the telephone number and know they can get help, they will call. So it is important to make information well-presented and visible.
  • It is possible to get the kids know their rights. For that, for example, it is possible to organize meetings for kids where they can get to know about their rights and obligations. It is vital for them to have a secured life.

Often kids’ problems are kept invisible and untold. It is not good for societal development. It makes people keep silent about evident problems.

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